XByte Team Members

Amed Kino - Fullstack Developer

The first meeting happened between me and the magic box was in 1996.
It was a PC with windows 95...
First glance, everything is mutedGray. Infinite scilence with this tiny heightPitch whirring sound.
I remember this lowBrightness screen with some type of eye protector over the body of that "television".

Paint was the first “game” to grab the mouse with.
First PC I got was in 2000, exhausted `Vintage IBM PS/ValuePoint` 1992 model 1,5 GB HDD with windows 98. In 2002 tried first formatting with windows Millennium, which was the first OS with fancy sophisticated backgrounds and Icons.

I did play my first real game, tried my first vb6 programm and my first design on 3d max, in 2003 I got internet, the amazing internet.
Later I fell in love with HTML and CSS, no magic needed to see the results. Since then, I have passed PHP, Javascript, Ruby, NodeJS, and Elixir with many tools and frameworks that are related to it.

I could get a little of many, builing complex UI with best possible UX, building sofisticated backend with complex functionalities and get my hand on DevOps to deply and do remote tests.

Simpy I create products that people can use.

Abilities: PHP NodeJS Ruby Elixir
Main Focus: React React-Native Rails